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Many people around the world are looking for new and interesting ways to generate an income. With uncertainty around the job market and employment, many people are asking themselves the question “How do I start an Affiliate Marketing Business“?. Or “How do YOU start an Affiliate Marketing Business”?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you have ever bought something on the internet as a direct result of a recommendation from a friend, or having seen an advertisement, then you have participated in Affiliate Marketing. The friend may have recommended a product that he believes in; or he may have recommended a product for which he receives a reward; whether it be via a discount voucher or coupon, or even loyalty points such as air miles.

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An Affiliate Marketing Business

So really, an Affiliate Marketing business in simple terms, is a business built on recommendation and sharing. Someone already has a business that offers products and services, and one way of expanding that, is by working with partners. Working with those partners and providing support and help to building the business and generating more sales.

An Affiliate Marketing Business gives Manufacturers and Retailers access to a far larger market share of the population, by allowing other people to promote their products through an Affiliate Marketing Program. Such retailers and manufacturers are often unable to achieve the widespread growth on their own. So they allow individuals to promote and sell products for a commission. And being online, affiliate marketers are not tied to one manufacturer or seller and can instead, promote products from multiple manufacturers. One of the biggest examples of a business that grows via Affiliate Marketing is Amazon, but many companies have their own affiliate offer and these are usually funnelled through Affiliate Marketing platforms like Commission Junction, ShareaSale, Affiliate Window, PaybyResults, LinkShare, Digital River, TradeDoubler or Clickbank amongst many others.

How do I start an affiliate marketing business?

Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business is as simple as joining one of the Affiliate Marketing Programs, and promoting the products via the links that are provided. This means that you can effectively start promoting and selling a product which you don’t hold any stock of yourself. You may not even require your own website if you are able to promote those links.

Beware! What ever marketing method you choose to employ, do not spam anyone whether they are friends, family or acquaintances. Affiliate Merchants have sophisticated systems to track all the traffic to you affiliate link, and will likely get you removed from the program. Which means, the end of your income-earning ability. In addition to a percentage income from every sale, some Affiliate Programs, like our own Wealthy Affiliate program, offer additional incentives like an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas USA! Other programs may offer additional commissions at certain times of year or based on order volume.

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Why should you even do this Affiliate Marketing?

An Affiliate Marketing business offers an alternative to traditional employment. It is also an alternative to a traditional small business as the Affiliate Marketer is not required to hold stock and invest in expensive premises or even other employees.

Following the worldwide Pandemic 2020 onwards, more people are taking stock and realizing that there are alternatives out there which do not mean being tied to a desk for 40 years, or working in a factory.

Affiliate Marketing is NOT get-rich-quick!

It is a tried and tested method that has been taking shape probably since the advent of the internet. If one does nothing, then one earns nothing.

But if someone undergoes training and follows the steps of previously successful people, and a training program that is shown to produce results, then it is unavoidable that success will be yours.

Why should you learn affiliate marketing?

There are many resources to learn Affiliate Marketing, but I believe that Wealthy Affiliate offers an excellent, logical program of training that helps people start and develop their businesses. Throughout the training and beyond, we learn how to build a website, find an affiliate program, use social media and so much more.

And from own experience, I have started with enthusiasm, then took my foot off the pedal for a few months, before eventually returning to the training.

Without the training, I would not know where to start, and the training course is beautifully broken down into simple lessons, with video training modules included. Bite-sized chunks to help even a novice, learn the steps necessary to become successful.

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Many members all work on building their own niche sites with themes that interest them like Dog Training, or Basketball skills. Almost any interest or niche can be monetized with an affiliate program and building such a website will help with developing your vision into a source of income.

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Next Steps

Click the link now for your Free Trial that does not expire. Learn from other people and a community that is focused on success for every one. You will be delighted to see what you can achieve with such a winning combination.

Subsequent articles will detail additional specifics about the training program at Wealthy Affiliate, but click now to join for Free and give it a road test after seeing what is on offer.

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