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Affiliate Marketing; Does it work?

Continue reading for some further information about affiliate marketing in particular, and the Wealthy Affiliate platform specifically, will help you earn via a side-hustle.

It is alleged that Napoleon exclaimed that Britain was a nation of shopkeepers. Accounts vary, and of course, it is difficult to verify or confirm, but this phrase has always intrigued me since I first heard it as a child.

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What is an Affiliate Marketing Business?

An Affiliate Marketing business is a method by which companies, be they manufacturers or distributors, are able to offer commissions to anyone that promotes and gets sales of their products to third party customers. Commission rates would vary and also included volume bonuses.

Manufacturers and/or their Distributors, may have had multiple agents selling the same product, and some would have allocated specific agents to target specific industries, allocated areas, or even allocated countries, in which to promote the product.

Nowadays, many distributors, suppliers and manufacturers promote their businesses and products in a different way and generally, at a lower cost. They choose the Affiliate Marketing method of developing the business and increasing sales of products.

By utilizing the Affiliate Marketing method to promote and increase product sales, they can effectively reduce costs while still assisting the affiliate to find the buyer and make the sale. Methods will vary, but generally they provide access to the necessary marketing materials along with a fixed structure of commissions. Now commissions are generally lower than for a traditional Sales Agent because it is recognized that there is almost always, lower direct expenses in the performance of the marketing.

In days gone by, the Sales Agent would initially phone the prospect to set up a meeting. After the initial meeting to discuss the product, there would likely be additional phone calls to discuss specific products, and discussions would be held about the specific products, delivery timescales, contractual issues, and of course, payment for the product and payment for services rendered in finding the buyer.

So affiliate marketing is, in essence, finding buyers by sharing and linking to products and services provided by companies. Significantly, an affiliate marketer, may target a specific industry, for example, dog food. Or he may target the wider niche of Pet Food. He could equally choose to concentrate on Food that is suitable for Spaniels.

A website that targets specific food suitable for spaniels, may also have product links for other products that may be suitable for spaniels and their owners. So this would be an example of an Affiliate Marketing Business.

Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners

There is a surfeit of available training materials available on the internet today. From YouTube videos, to free and paid-for courses. Almost all the major Affiliate Platforms offer Affiliate Marketing training for beginners once you have registered on their sites. It is in their interests to help you to succeed, so they provide a system that makes it easier to learn and earn.

In addition, the manufacturers and retailers provide marketing materials for their products and services that often include banners, logos and sample advertisements. The best platforms provide detailed training and advice about the best placement of use of the information in order to achieve the sales.

The provision of affiliate marketing training for beginners gives the best chance of success to the aspiring affiliate marketer.

Many people doubt their own abilities and others probably doubt whether the so-called “free training” will be any good, so they put off using it and implementing what they can. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free website AND quality free training that will definitely help you to get started.

Affiliate Marketing Education with Wealthy Affiliate

Once you have registered with Wealthy Affiliate, as a Free user and with a starter membership, you will have access to creating your initial free website with Certification Core Training (Level 1) and Bootcamp Core Training (Level 1). There are additional training courses and classes too but these are opened up if you take out a subscription. The education and training materials are all provided with a step by step approach to building a website from scratch, and adding the various features to it, to make it outstanding. Your Affiliate Marketing Training is a mainstay of developing your business and you get to choose the subject that you wish to cover.

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program

There are many online resources for Affiliate Marketing training, but I believe that the training provided at Wealthy Affiliate is possibly the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program. Yes, it does cost money for the full training but the skills that one learns while training will be immediately put to use, in building your website and business. And with the added benefit of peer reviews, support and comments.

The affiliate marketing training guides the user step by step through the material, with checklists and ongoing support at every stage. It is like living with the tutor 🙂 and you can do as much or as little every day.

Students that go to college or university will often pay far more for training and still not use the knowledge gained, so just put into action what you learn.

And once you have started on the training, you will learn the skills to make you a success at Affiliate Marketing as well.

Can I Become an Affiliate Marketer?

You may have already asked yourself whether you can become an signup now banneraffiliate marketer? Have you got what it takes? If other people can, then why can’t I? You may even know someone that already has an online business that you would like to emulate.

There are no special skills required for you to become an Affiliate Marketer. You simply need a strong desire to succeed and a willingness to follow the training course and implement the training instructions. If you have a deep-seated desire and goal to be successful, then it can become a reality.

Get started now for free with Wealthy Affiliate to learn from people that are already learning and earning their livelihoods from Affiliate Marketing.

So yes, in response to the original question Affiliate Marketing; Does it work?, the answer is very much Yes!



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